moderate new users


There has been more spam attacking the forum again. I wish the moderators would moderate the first few posts of new users. Many other forums do this.


As a new member I see and have no problem in being shall we say “checked over”/ “moderated” but if the question is aviation related be it about how the program is running or what has happened to a particular a/c etc, etc how can these sort of question be spam. You are always going to get that little bit of banter between members re postings



You may have never seen examples of the type of SPAM David refers to on FA. Many of the regular users such as David, Rob, John, myself and others will report SPAM when first seen and get it rapidly removed by the Staff.

We have been the recent recipients of SPAM selling everything from sunglasses to body enhancements. If you haven’t encountered any of these missives, thanks the volunteer moderators.



Greetings James
Thanks for set me staight and giving your time to get rid of tthose pesty adverts. My trouble is what a lot of people would say “as over the hill” which some days is not far from the truth also I am not realy computer savy or put another way I am on the bottom rung of the computer literacy ladder


I really hate having to sift through the spam. Every time I see it, though, I report it and it is soon gone. Still would be a good idea to moderate users though.


We’re doing it gratis, so there’s nothing to fix.

Where’s your photos from the McGuire airshow?


The thing to fix is the removal of the spam. While several of us report the spam as soon as we see it, the spam still stays there for a while until someone at FlightAware removes it.


I have a bunch of them, I will be uploading them soon.