Stop the SPAM!


:exclamation: In the past week I’ve seen at least 15 SPAM comments. Is there any reason FA can’t use word verification on the comments? It can’t be any more fun for them to have to keep deleting the SPAM than it is for us to read and report it. Deleting them does nothing, banning them does nothing - they just create another user name and come back again. :smiling_imp:


Tilt away at that windmill…


Whatever you say, Pancho Sanza. :laughing:


Word verification won’t help, because the spammers are not bots but real people that have been hired to post.


That seems to be an average week.

Where are you seeing spam?

If it is in Squawks and Headlines, there is a ‘report’ button that you can click on to report it as abuse. Down voting the comment disappears it if it gets more than 10 down votes. Sometimes it’s a race between disappear and delete!

If it is a new discussion, copy the headline and the forum in which it appears, and go to contact on the Left panel.
Email the info to contact@flightaware. If the chat session is open, you can also notify them that way.

Alternatively, you could just ignore it as the price of doing business on the Internet.


Yes, it’s always in the squawks. I realize that I can ignore them, and report them. But I’d rather prevent them.


You are hereby deputized. Prevent away.


:bulb: Right. I assumed there were moderators running this site, which is why I posted on the “Feature Requests and Ideas”. If no one is reading these posts except other snarky FlightAware users, then the joke is most definitely on me. :arrow_right: :neutral_face:


If you notice, the offending posts disappear in fairly short order. Snark? I prefer sarcasm… it’s a free service that’s provided for free around here…


Nah, “snark” is so much better because it’s sarcasm that’s funny. Funny requires brains. Plain old sarcasm only requires bitterness. I prefer snarkiness any day of the week.

Annnnnnnnd… the reason the comments “disappear” is because someone (perhaps one of those mythical moderators) has to actually remove each and every one of them after users “report” them. Lather, rinse, repeat. I was just thinking there must be some way to prevent them from posting in the first place, thus removing the need to:

a) read them
b) report them
c) remove them


… as opposed to a free service that costs money? :laughing:


yeah… words get in the way…


I didn’t realize you were getting emotional… :blush: wink