FA Squawks Out of Control?

It feels as though the Sqauwks on FA have been taken over by a very small select few. There have always been the heavy users, but now, it seems like there are only 3-4 users who post anything, and they post A LOT. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I also think that they could all be the same individual behind multiple user names. They seem to all instantly get a handful of upvotes within moments of posting an article. I am curious if anyone in Houston has analyzed this usage to trace back the upvotes and posting IPs for any correlations. Can these users be banned for their excessive misuse of the site? All week, my daily email has had repetitive articles posted by the same one or two users. It’s getting annoying.

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I have removed some accounts that appear to be used for vote fraud. As far as the articles go, they appear to be legitimate aviation articles that have substance to them, so I am less concerned about the articles and more concerned about the vote fraud. We can continue to monitor to see if there are additional accounts created that appear to be being used for vote fraud.


I quit posting there because no matter what legitimate story I post I receive tons of Negative votes. Its as if the voters want to make sure their stories appear on top and win the coveted most posted story of the year award. The staff doesn’t seem to care so why should I bother with helping fellow aviation people out.


This is very true. I have found some great articles that have been downvoted into oblivion, all to be posted again later by these same trolls who run amok posting any article with the work airplane or airport in it.

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Follow up question for FA staff: When you remove some accounts that are used for vote fraud, do you also examine the accounts that they are voting in favor of and eliminate those as well?

Wow, Just thought Id bring this back up. But I finally got brave enough to post a squawk about a single engine plane crash and said my condolences to the family and Boom 2 negatives immediately


Guess I wont post any more squawks. Why bother.