Public apology


I got a probably well deserved nasty gram from one of the staff members of the Flight Aware folks regarding my posting style toward Dami.

My intent is to make sure correct information is posted, nothing more then that and also to try and reign in what the theme of these forum are, and that is aviation (not religion–there are other forums for that).

My intent is not to make flame wars period, and I will refrain from replying to Dami directly, but will post what I perceive is correct information in the thread should that need be there.

People that come to these forums seeking help / assistance do deserve the utmost respect and precise and accurate information the first time around.

Again, my apologies for my own actions and creating uncomfort for others as I can and should control what is put out via my keyboard.




You forgot the “Courtesy of my father, James.”



:smiley: :smiley: Sounds like I have a loooooong line (or should I say line up?) :smiley: :smiley:


While it is big of you to apologize, I always thought that you have very reasonably challenged Dami on his unfounded assertions, which most often turn out to be incorrect when someone does the real research (at which point Dami says, “well, it’s my opinion”). I hope this won’t keep you from challenging any of us when you think we are wrong or you have a differing opinion.


'preciate the feedback CAFlier.

I think just about everybody else has proven their credibility in my eyes and have no problems with the bantering between me and others when called to task.

I figure if something is posted wrongly by Dami, my game plan was to not to quote his text, but reply in the thread giving the person “a choice” letting them know that his opinion “appears to be wrong” and give them my rational and a plausible reference should that need be there and move on.

Certain things are based on real life experiences and have no “references per se” and I always factor that in anyway.

After all, I learned hold for release has a whole different meaning at TEB :smiley: and all the books and web references in the world won’t change the “real world” experiences.

Obviously, a person who has experienced icing first hand, would have significant value in giving an opinion about icing situations then a sim pilot armchair flying. So it is somewhat important to understand the credibility of a person based on their experiences.

Most important to me, for what it’s worth, is that the person jumping in and asking a question, gets the right answer. Anything less is unacceptable as I would hope the reverse would be done for me when I post a question.

If I err, I am always the first to say, thank you, but if I err, I do expect the courtesy of being provided a reference so I can evaluate it myself, as “just my opinion” just doesn’t make it 99 percent of the time from people without credibility.

If anything, if I make the person think I may need to back my statement up with a reference, the quality of the answers will be that much the better :slight_smile: for the all of us, as everybody in their own ways is still learning.



Allen, no need to apologise. Damiross deserves it and needs someone like you to tell him who it is. Keep it up fella.


We’re not taking ‘sides’ here fellas.
Let this be the end of it.


" Roger that. Over and out "