My Son Took Me Flying Today....

And derided all the helicopters we saw!

Where did I go wrong?

They are cool aren’t they…

Cheers to the both of you. I look forward to those kind of adult moments with my son someday.

You didn’t. :smiley:

Now there’s a couple of wild & crazy guys!

Yeah but, who’s that old man next to James?

You all would have appreciated seeing me attempt to keep my size thirteens off the rudder pedals while simultaneously keeping my knees from blocking any attempt to pull back on the yoke!

(Coupled with the fact that it was cold enough for the proverbial brass monkey.)

If you raised a son who is thoughtful enough to take his dad flying in his spare time, I’d say you went very right.

I wouldn’t say it is so much about raising a son right or dutiful - but about two men who have the same passion of flying & driven to do so - although I will not discount the love of a father for his son or vice versa.

Very good photo of a legacy of love & passion of flying - we can see it in your smiles - it’s how & what pilots do & feel - makes me smile too… :smiley:

That’s the beauty of opinions, we can each have one and they can be different.

I never had a problem with that - but seems a few of you did have problems with my thoughts/truths - which I don’t perceive as opinions but that is my perception of such - I would venture to say we all have different “perceptions on life” than opinions - opinions don’t amount to much but perceptions are formed through life experiences - mine are just formed differently than most but there are some of us who do have the same perceptions & there is also nothing incorrect about that.

ANYWAY - I do agree with what you are saying in a different way than I… 8)

BTW: father/son team - thank you for sharing your photo of fun & love of doing what is your passion in life - thank you for your comfort level in doing so (i have a wonderful family photo of a beautiful legacy that JHEM shared with me & now this can be added to it)

We are a very strange clan in 21st century USA, a functional nuclear family.

Even those who are “only” in-laws get along!


I think the term is weird.*

*yeah, I speled it right this time :stuck_out_tongue:

When I saw this post I immediately remember the reason I work 3 jobs. Flying with my 7 year old is what makes it completely worth it. Occasionally my dad , and sometimes my grandfather (once a pilot himself) come along as well, and we’ve had all 4 generations in flight at once.
I take my son flying whenever I get the chance. He goes with me if we’re shooting practice approaches, shooting touch and go’s, going cross country or just aimlessly flying around. He does my preflights (supervised of course) and he is also my lights, fuel pump, carb heat, flaps guy.
It’s these flights and the ones everyone else has described that are priceless! My son Parris and I aviating.

Love the photos! Pilots wear THE COOLEST shades. What brands do you guys wear?

I finally took my mom flying for the first time yesterday lol. I have been zipping my dad around for months but my mom is somewhat of a nervous flyer. It was a beautiful day so I figured it would have been pretty good but it was bumpy as hell…she did pretty well with it though. :smiley:

Sounds a lot like my wife. I took her up once with our three-year-old daughter back in August. I could tell the bumps caused her some “concern” (like gripping hard on the door’s armrest). When we hit a “good bump”, I looked over to her, smiled real big, and said, “WHEEEeeeeeee!” :smiley:

My daughter has been up with me several times and loves it (doesn’t know any better)! I’m lookin’ forward to the day when she takes me out for that seven-hundred-dollar hamburger! :open_mouth:

I’ve been wearing Ray Ban Aviators since I lost my Vuarnet’s in 1986. I won’t burden everyone with the visual.

Sounds like me when I’m the pilot!

I’m lookin’ forward to the day when she takes me out for that seven-hundred-dollar hamburger! :open_mouth:

:laughing: LOL :laughing:


Your daughter is adorable! You need to introduce her to pfp217’s son Parris in order to ensure the continuation of the breed.

Thanks! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have to agree with you! She melts my heart whenever I see her.

When she turns 32, I’ll be glad to turn her loose into the great, big world :wink: