HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went flying today!

It was my B-day present from my grandma! We went up this morning about 10:30, we were in N262EE, a 172.
The pilot let me do all the pre-flight stuff, then we got in, started the engine and he let me taxi out to 14 where we did the before takeoff, and then I lined her up on center line and pushed the power to full. The pilot (Ryan) had his hands on the yoke on the takeoff run, we rotated and got to about 300 AGL climbing at 1000fpm and he said it’s your airplane… So I had it for 20 minutes out over Lake Conroe. The wind was very very high, gusts of 30 knots so we tossed around pretty good, but I had a blast! Then Ryan told me to turn and find the airport, so I did and we were cleared to land on 14, so I did a right downwind then turned right on a 3 mile final for 14. I had the airplane until we got to the threshold and he took over and landed. Then we turned on bravo and I taxied back and parked! It was the best B-day present ever! So now I have 20 minutes in the left seat… :laughing:

I’ll get some pics up soon.


Ya got a nice grandma! :smiley:

That’s awesome dude! 8) Piloting an aircraft has got to be one of the greatest joys known to man.
As an Airman (you may have known me as linemanKMFD) who leaves for basic in a month, I decided I might as well start on my private while I’ve got the time and money. 3 flights and 3.8 hours later, I can tell you; if you’ve got the money, do it. It’s such an incredible feeling. I probably don’t have the time/money to actually get my ticket before I ship for basic, but I figure if I can get a few solo hours in, I’ll be in good shape.
Was this your first time up Will?

Sorry for the double post. Has anyone else experienced glitchy service on the FA forums lately? Past couple days?

Was this your first time up Will?

Sure was… Will never forget it!

That’s the highest I’ve ever been AGL. Except for jumping off the hay stack. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes I added back-pressure on my turns if anyone was wondering.

The first turn was a steep left turn and through the turn I descended to 1,700’, from 2,000’ just because I wanted to get lower, but on the second and third turn I stayed level. :wink: :slight_smile:

On top of that, she lets me drive her truck and tractor! :slight_smile:

Flying still beats that…

:smiley: That’s great, Will! If my new business takes off like I hope I will be starting on my PPL this summer at KRDG. If you have any thought about getting your PPL don’t do like I did and wait 20 some years before going for it.

The bug has bitten. :smiling_imp:

And the first of MANY entries in that new logbook I hope. Congrats!

To tell you the truth I actually don’t remember much about my first flights but I will never forget the day I soloed. It took so long for the “high” to subside that I almost ran the stop sign at the end of the airport road as I pulled back on the wheel to slow down!


Thanks guys!

I’m tryin’ to get some pics up. Right now my computer is in a coma! :angry: Stupid thing!

Buy a MAC- good job on the flight.

Congrats Will - good for you man! You’ve never even flown commercially?? That would make your first flight that much sweeter!

Thanks Flyboy…

Congrats Will - good for you man! You’ve never even flown commercially?? That would make your first flight that much sweeter!

Never been on a commercial flight before, I’m glad a GA flight was my first…

I wouldn’t think they would let a kid get in the seat and do 90% of the flying! :open_mouth:

AWESOME. When is your first official flight lesson? :smiley:

I wish!



Y’all can laugh all ya want, I know I look stupid… :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I ain’t as big around as pika…

I’ll get some other pics up soon, they’re on my brother’s D40…

That is an awesome story. Congrats Will! 8) Glad you didn’t lose your wit on the bumpy flight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, I noticed how the photographer placed the elevator and wing strut in such a way that I am not so sure :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost forgot, Happy Birthday!

That’s funny! :laughing:

Actually I’m about 5’10" 120lbs… :laughing:

Almost forgot, Happy Birthday!