Solo flight: Done!

I did my first solo today! Did 3 practice landings with my instructor, then we landed and he hopped out of the plane and let me take it. Did 3 full stop landings (since the FAA seems to think students can’t do touch & gos right or something).
It went great! That was quite an experience!
The first landing was great (a bit low of an approach since I turned base a bit further than 45 to the runway), the second landing, I adjusted the turn to base a bit and ended up too high (landing was a bit bumpy but by no means bad), and the third landing was picture perfect!
Fortunately for me there were no other planes in the pattern the whole 30 minute solo.
There was a helicopter doing some engine out auto-rotation practice, but he was staying on the other side of the airport.
It feels great to have taken off and landed without assistance. My instructor didn’t even have a radio, so I really was on my own!

Good job


Don’t stop now!


Congrats. You’ll love the cross country.

Wahoo! You’ll never forget that feeling!

Now the real fun begins. :smiley:

Nobody likes a bragger!!! :laughing:



Now comes the truly difficult part! Resisting the urge to sell everything you own to pay for plane rentals. :laughing:

(PS: Put your location in your profile!)

Not required - you can stay anonymous as far as where your location is if you want to. 'Taint anybody’s business where you are.

Got to get a cool avatar…but no cat pics :smiling_imp:

HA! :laughing:

Those durn things have nine lives and I think one those lives was resurrected / reincarnated. :laughing:

Location has been posted!
My next solo flight is a solo out of the bravo airspace. Pretty excited (and admittedly slightly nervous) for that one.
JHEM, I know what you mean by selling all of your possessions to pay for plane rental/purchase. The thought of what I could sell to fly actually did cross my mind once or twice.

I realize now why instructors have their students solo…Such a great feeling of accomplishment, and it makes the addiction of flying even worse!

Oh the fun begins now! The most boring part of your PP-ASEL rating is behind you, if I remember correctly from my training, a good deal of your training from now to certified will be solo. Don’t get used to it if you plan on going for IFR rated, pretty much zero solo time in it.

I do strongly suggest that if you do not plan on becoming a career pilot, at the very least, get IFR rated. Your knowledge and skill will be multiplied, chances of surviving an inadvertant venture into a cloud base or storm are much better, and you’ll find yourself flying VFR using your instruments, it becomes habit!

Congrats Quake120 on your solo!

I’ve been away for a few and lurking again for a few more; what ever happened to that cat avatar, anyway?

You said 'taint. I hope at least one other person thinks that’s really funny, in an “I’m twelve” sort of way…

I guess we’ve established who the smartest, coolest, most mature and most together member of the forum is…