The First Flight

Well, everyone, I did it…
I did my first flight lesson and all I can say is: My god.

After doing all of our pre-flight checks on the Cessna 172S we were going to fly, and starting the engine, I taxied the airplane to the runway (This is at KSLC) and took off, then flew the pattern (with some directional guidance from my instructor, of course) for the transition out of Bravo airspace.
I was completely at a loss for words that I was flying the airplane myself.
After flying about 20 miles to the West and then practicing some coordinated turns and some altitude holding elevator trim practice, we flew back to the airport. I was amazed that I actually flew about 85% of this flight without much correction on the controls from my instructor.

In any case, I really don’t think I should have done it because now there is NO WAY I can NOT get my license. I thought I loved flight before…This first flight just intensified that love about 100 times, and I’ve been smiling ever since we took off!
I love it. I cannot WAIT to go to my next lesson now! Might I also mention that I am insanely jealous that some of you guys may have flown today!

:laughing: :smiley:


It’s a sweet addiction Quake, and the best is yet to come.

The memories generated during your initial flight will remain with you forever, only slightly diminished by those of your first solo.

Congratulations and keep us advised of your progress.

Yippie! Now you just have to get that second job to support your habit… :wink:

Vicious little “bug” when it bites isnt it… :smiley:
Congrats quake…

Yeah, I do think I need to get a second job now! It’s quite an addiction already… I can’t imagine what it must be like at the big milestones like first solo, and passing your check ride. It was awesome enough flying the plane while my instructor was there. Flying the plane on my own, now that has to be a sense of pride.

I’ve always loved flying, but little did I know that actually flying myself would be THAT much more fun. I can’t wait to go again!
I’ll keep everybody updated, and I may have some video of some of my lessons.

Talking to ATC was the only part of the entire flight that made me nervous…Not knowing what to say quickly makes you sound foolish in front of the other pilots and ATC guys who speak super fast.


Yeah, it is pretty vicious. I am going to start lessons twice a week or so next week, so I will just have to wait until then. It is going to be hard!

WHOA! TMI!!! :smiling_imp:

Wow. You must REALLY like airplanes! :wink:

Both of you, have a seat right over there:laughing: