Intro flight tomorrow

Well, here it goes. (I used to be “linemanKMFD” for those of you who didn’t know…) I figured, I have time and money, so I better take advantage of both while I have em, and contacted the local instructor today. Sounds like a good way to relieve my time/money problem, so we arranged my intro flight tomorrow at 0930. :laughing:
I’m pretty excited, so I felt the need to start a new thread. :unamused:
Any of you remember how excited you were when you got your intro flight? :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I was about as excited as any average 12YO with his first erec…!

Keep us informed as things progress.

Before my intro flight I was so excited that I hardly slept the night before, and I think I got to the airport half an hour too early. :slight_smile:

Have a great time, and come back to tell us all about it!

:laughing: Hell of way to put it James…but effective… :laughing:

Like yesterday. Oh, I just flew yesterday :smiley:

The newness hasn’t wore off yet.

Leaving out of KMFD or a neighboring airport? was closest to where I lived in Ohio when I took my first GA discovery flight.

Thanks all. Solid copy. :smiley:
Lieberma, leaving out of KGQQ. More local for me, and the a/c hangars there, so I won’t have to pay for ferry hours I’m not in the seat. :slight_smile:

Went really well. Completed 10, 20, 30, and 45 degree bank turns within the 100’ plus or minus window. 90, 180, and 360 degree turns at varying banks. Descending and ascending turns, and some slooow flight with varying flap settings. Finally, set up and completed one touch and go, followed by a full stop for 1.2hr on the Hobbs.
My thoughts? This is gonna be expensive. :laughing: But really, that is wicked fun. Now I gotta finish my pre-solo quiz and get the whole approach nailed down and then I can start spending a little less cash on every hour.

Damn! All that on an introductory flight? :open_mouth:

On a side note, if you’re REALLY having problems with having too much money, I can help provide some relief!

I thought the same thing. Mine was pilot take off, he lets me shake the yoke for a minute or two and pilot lands. 30 minutes total :slight_smile:

I think he means it was his introductory flight for his 737 type rating. :laughing:

Haha Needle and Lieberma, I think this whole airplane deal will be a suitable diet for my wallet! :laughing:
Yeah…wait, that was a lot of flying? Man I need to rack these instructor hours up NOW so I can solo and start getting some slightly cheaper solo hours. :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:
You all never fail to entertain. :unamused: :laughing:
So about that 737 type rating, you guys know if SWA is hiring?

Well, I know it’s late, but I’m proud to announce that I soloed yesterday (the 10th) after 8 hours of dual. What did I think? It was scary, enlightening, and I know I want more. 8)
Seriously, it was nothing to write home about (so I brought it here)…just did 3 bounces with my CFI, he hopped out, and I did the same without his occupancy beside me.
…and yes, the airplane was was in airworthy condition following my shutdown. :laughing:


Thank you! :smiley: Quite a scary feeling…knowing you, and you alone, have to safely return this aircraft to that strip of asphalt. :open_mouth: I’m still buzzed up.


Thanks Will!
You know we’re all expecting to hear of your solo next, so get movin! 8)
No day but today! :smiley:

Oh and as a side, I discover after my flight that I had just soloed on my late (I was 7 when she left us) Grandmother’s birthday. Talk about adding a whole other personal level to the day.

Isn’t it amazing how “small” one mile feels from the air (assuming you had a long runway to land on), yet walking the length of that runway feels like a mile :smiley:

Keep that dosage of buzz going and post here so others can learn from your accomplishments as well as your mistakes.

Wow, nice! I missed this yesterday, but it’s never too late to get congrats on your first solo! Woohoo! Did you get your shirt clipped?

You’ll be taking a solo XC before you know it, and man, nothing compares to the feeling of going to another airport all by yourself for the first time! :open_mouth:

I won’t mention the “heart thumping terror” I felt leaving the friendly and familiar confines of the practice area on my first XC. And that anxiety was totally unecessary as this training stuff really works! :smiley:

I can’t wait. Hopefully I can squeeze one in before I head for basic!