How was your day today - Here was mine


Yes Im bragging, but there are perks to my job on occasion.

11:40 flight time, yes me bum is numb, but Id do it again tomorrow if they would let me (which they wont).

But Its my first flight on the -8F and hopefully I will do more now.


Well, I’m jealous if it makes you feel any better. :wink:


Just once around the pattern. :laughing:

I’m jealous too!


Jimmy Stewart in SAC :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


So I assume then this isn’t you taking it for a ride to Hawaii? … /KPAE/PHKO

Can you share any more details about what you did during the flights? Just curious.


Nope you gotta have 12hrs of rest before Preflight. Since that’s usually 5:30am the crew that flew yesterday couldn’t today

I rode :slight_smile:. Im an avionics Engineer, so I was mostly taking notes how my stuff was behaving during simulated daily flights.


So…, when they cold soak the boxes of magic smoke do they soak you too? :open_mouth: :laughing:


That’s pretty cool, I was in the assend of 3 flights on Tuesday. OK but the movie selections this summer are pretty lame. Except for Anne Hathaway getting nekid. :smiling_imp: Gotta love European airlines.


I was just 30 miles south of it on the MDT to SEA route! If I was a little farther north I could have saw it as it flew over Mineral Wells. :frowning:


Uhhh, I’m gonna need that flight number please…


Sorry to show my ignorance, but why Harrisburg???


Prolly a choice of the route planner :slight_smile:. Or they may have been the only ones available for a Touch And Go at the time we arrived.

Not sure, not privy to that part of the planning. I know they stopped at Pittsburgh recently for a special Sandwich :slight_smile:.

The FAA says, "The purpose of F&R testing is to evaluate the production version of the aircraft to ensure that the airplane, its components and equipment are reliable and function properly. ”


I read this and thought “it had to be that joint that puts fries in the sandwich”.

Yup. … Sandwiches