Having some fun in the dispatch office today?


flightaware.com/live/flight/VRD7 … /KSNA/KSBP

Don’t think this flight will happen, there is no xxxx-KSNA flight or a KSBP departure listed. Seems like somebody is pulling a funny.


Got this message when I clicked on the link:

FlightAware couldn’t find flight tracking data for VRD783 just yet.
The link you have is for a specific flight on a specific date and airport pair. You can click here to track the most recent flight status for VRD783.

Clicking on THAT link takes me to an LAX to SEA flight that’s currently under way.


Yeah, the one I saw was for SNA-SBP which has since been dumped from the system.


Slow day at work John? :wink:




Work! Who, me?