Another set of missing flights

Here I sit in Saudi, bored as usual when I thought I would check on my hometown airport (KSBP). Uh oh, no American Eagle flights listed this morning. There are arrivals last night, and its a maintenance base so there should be a 6:00AM and a 7:00AM flight listed but nope, nada.
I brought up GE and there is the 6:00AM flight on the way to LAX. EGF139. Other flights are shown but still nothing here on FA half an hour later for American Eagle. I checked KSBA and their AE flight is there.

On, the first scheduled flight of the day into SBP isn’t until 11AM, which is also the first one I see on FlightAware.
Skywest (probably operating for United) has flights from LAX and SFO into SBP in the 7-8AM range.

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear. I’m talking about the two morning departures from SBP to LAX not the other way around, one at 6 and one at 7. You’re right, Skywest operates for United there.

The 7AM and 8AM SBP-LAX flights are on the departure board:
EGF4 SF34 Los Angeles Int’l (KLAX) 08:17a PDT 09:01a PDT
EGF2 SF34 Los Angeles Int’l (KLAX) 07:08a PDT 07:50a PDT

The 6AM flight (EGF139) departs before the tower opens, so we’re not seeing any departure messages for it (thus the departure times are in italics), but we are seeing arrival messages from LAX for it (so we have a record of the flight).

Well, how about that, they added a third flight. Since it is a maintenance base I’ve gotten used to seeing a few extra flights from time to time. 139 usually shows up as a scheduled flight and then enroute after the center shows it airborn, but not today for some reason. If you enter EGF139 into the “track any flight” box it shows its history, as you say in italics for the SBP departures. According to FA it did not operate today but GE had it. Are you getting the flight information from different sources at the FAA? Can’t imagine why. Anyway, not important to me but maybe a bug that needs looking at. Thanks for the input.

With regard to AAL4139/EGF139, FlightAware is consistent with; the flight did not operate today.

OK, I didn’t mean for you to do all this work!! Makes me wonder why “those other folks” showed it operating.