AA needs new dispatchers?


LOL, just poking around and noticed that the next two departures at LAX are 1) EGF 41 an SF34 to Santa Barbara and,
2) EGF 41 an E135 to JFK. :unamused:



Even stranger, someone marked the LAX-JFK flight as arrived 3 minutes before they marked it as departed.


now thats fuel efficiency!

edit: I just pulled up egf41 history and it is now en route (for the second time today) LAX-JFK as a Saab with an ETE of 8:45. The scary part is the route and time look about right for a Saab!! Progress shows it being airborne but there is no line on the map.
2nd edit. Americans website shows 41 (3041) as being enroute to SBA but is not shown as active on FA. No Saab LAX-JFK though!
last edit: (then Iā€™m going to bed)
Maybe they really are repositioning some aircraft.



The currently active flight is LAX-DFW

Looking at some of the other flights under this flight number, it appears the flight number is used for maintenance/ferry flights.