A380 on its way to KJFK


keep an eye on DLH8940.
Its out in the Atlantic right now, should arrive over Newfoundland in the next hour or so[arrives in JFK around 14-15H GMT], then IFR track should pick it up.


I’m assuming you’re sure the flight will not go by an Airbus callsign? I know the plane is in Lufthansa’s colors. Anyhow; if so, it’ll show up as DLH8940, but I’m not able to track it (or even get a Scheduled indication) yet.


For some reason, FlightAware isn’t picking it up yet.
She is over Newfoundland right now.
Its tracking on flytecomm and fboweb etc… :frowning:


Just heard JFK tower notify an inquiring a/c that the Whale will arrive around 12:30 to Terminal 1.


Neither aircraft is showing on FA as of 1000 EDT, probably because neither has entered US airspace yet.

CNN has been tracking the DLH flight (last viewed over Newfoundland) all morning via Flytecomm. Last report I noted said that the aircraft had slowed substantially in order to meet the planned 1230 EDT arrival.


God forbid Airbus do anything ahead of schedule. :smiling_imp:

Just being a smart ass; I understand they want all the pomp and circumstance of a grand arrival…although the scene from Titanic comes to mind, where they want to dazzle the world by showing off the vessel’s speed. Apparently, this ideology doesn’t hold true here.

I can’t imagine how many spotters there are stationed all around JFK right about now.


haha, no doubt!
Already a thread up at Airliners.net about the spotting…
airliners.net/discussions/ge … n/3302949/


Ah, there it is…



If you’re tracking w/o listening to the ATC feed, you’re missing out. It’s interesting to hear JFK tower coordinating the helos (police, news, etc.) that are congregating over Jamaica Bay in hopes to catch a shot of the A380.


It’s on the JFK radar!
It just did a u-ey!


I’m sure FlightAware appreciates the shameless plug of a competing website. You could have seen the “u-ey” on FA’s JFK radar screen as well. :confused:


From my experience, many Atlantic flights show up on FA as a tracked plane on local maps long before their flight plan is registered with FAA / NAV Canada and subsequently posted on FA.

You may type in the flight number and not find the flight, but check out the airspance around Newfoundland ( CYDF, CYQX, CYYT or CYYR ) and you will get is heading, flight level and speed with a little luck.


Was there an A380 that landed in LAX also because I was just on cnn.com to watch a clip of the plane landing at JFK and there was a video of the plane landing at LAX.


Apparently there are 2 different A380s…


The four-engine Airbus A380 touched down at Kennedy International Airport at about 12:10 p.m. EDT, to the cheers of onlookers gathered to watch the arrival. As the plane taxied, a pilot waved an American flag. Minutes later, a separate A380 arrived in Los Angeles, but was devoid of any passengers.


Speaking of the a-380 at LAX and a large u-ey… How does one go about finding which flight I saw above KSBP at around noon today? stay with me here… A very large, white, 4 engine plane made a sudden right 360 directly above San Luis Obispo CA at 1202. Made some interesting trails in the sky but I was not at home to find it online… Where was the A-380 from LAX going next? This was about the right size…


Does anybody know when the two A380’s are leaving baack, and what their flight numbers are?



I think the A380 is still at LAX until tomorrow. I could be wrong. I’m positive it wasn’t flying at 1202PDT though. It landed at LAX at 0930, and like I said, I’m fairly sure it’s still there.


Has anyone seen any video of the landing at LAX? I heard something on the radio news report about it fishtailing on landing but “was quickly straightened out”.

Does the A380 have castering main gear?


Pretty sure it’s still at LAX too… The vid of the LAX landing not pretty but not the worst ever seen…

as to whatever flew the u-turn over here- it probably didn’t depart LAX because it was already high enough to be leaving contrails… Still can’t figure out how to find the flight going northbound…


According to flightaware the A388 is making a return to JFK tonight at 10pm. Anyone know any good vantage locations to scope it out? As of right now they’re using runways 31 L and R