N539DS comin' across the pond.

Looks like it’s landing at KCCR right now. I was told it’s arriving tomorrow for Island Air (WP) here in Honolulu (PHNL) , but I don’t see a flight plan yet. First -400 for the puddle jumpers out here. I’m pretty excited…that’s one HUGE Smash 8!

I’ll post a few pictures of it landing if I can remember to check the arrival time before I head to work at 0300… blech.

and this would be…??

Sorry. I was a a little cryptic, but unintentionally. Dash-8-400.

Ugh. Thats a LONG flight in a prop. I wonder how much extra gas they put inside that thing.


I was going to peek inside but I had to go do some stuff for my current job. I used to work as a dispatcher for a short while for WP so that’s why I was interested in the Q400. From what I recall in the -100s though they take out the seats and have these two HuuUUUuUUUge fuel bladders.

Man that Q400 is long. I saw it as it went overhead PHNL to set up for the approach. At first it looked like a goofy 717 or something until I looked through my camera lens.

They even did a “low pass” down 8R, aka “The Reef Runway”. A bunch of pilots for WP were having a meeting in a nearby building. I was madly text-messaging one of them (a friend) with position updates. He said it was hillarious - this Q400 goes screaming by just as the CEO started his talk. Couldn’t have timed it better.

Turns out I think I was the only one that got touchdown photos. Sometimes I love my job… I’m closer to aviation now than I was as a dispatcher. :wink: A little heat blur though because it landed at 1400. How inconsiderate of them, huh?

Please remember to post the link, too. In this case, it is flightaware.com/live/flight/N539DS

It’s better than flying the trip in a pencil jet. Have you ever been in a DHC-8?? It is one of the roomiest commuters you can ride in (or fly). Am I partial???

Oh, do I know what you are talking about. I fly to Hawaii and back about eight times a year in a seven passenger Lear 36 :slight_smile:

You get real comfy with your crewmates. :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize a Lear 36 had the range to make it to/from HI. Where do you travel from/to on the mainland? Was the aircraft equipped with extended range fuel tanks? Just curious…Thanks!

Usually we can make it from the Portland, Oregon area without any problems. On occasion, we may hop down to the bay area to refuel before heading to Hawaii- due to winds. On really bad days, we have even gone up to Kodiak, AK and then headed South.

On a typical Portland to Honolulu trip, we have a little more than an hours worth of fuel on board when we land.

Finally- yes, the Lear 36 is a '35 body with an additional fuel tank in the baggage area. PLUS- we have both our Lears outfitted with extra long wing tip tanks. We can carry 8900 lbs of fuel.