WOW Long flight or what!

So check this out.


An Air Tractor. Fire Boss. 13 hour flight! KMSX To PHNL How can that happen!!! :open_mouth: Without it running out of fuel! Man I would have loved to flown that route.

Could I make an RV4 do that trip? … /KSMX/PHNL

Extra fuel tanks. I’ve seen Piper Saratoga’s do that same airport pair.

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Why thank you very much :smiley: I look at this site everyday, but the first time I have done a discussion before. Often times my Dad and I will see a plane way up there (FL30 and higher) One of us will run inside get on the computer see what is, while the other one will try to guess what it was that flew over.

I LOVE :laughing: this site… Can’t get enough of it sometimes

Funny thing CessnaCitationX a good friend of mine has been flying the first delivered CitationX! He is a good man, one of the nicest persons I have ever met before.

Is he a good golfer?

Wow, I can’t even rememeber? I’ll have to give him a call. Witch i need to anyway, just to say hi.

Arnold Palmer had the first Citation X but he’s got a newer one now. His old one is operated by Marathon Coach now (they make the rock star tour buses).

I remember an old thread a while ago regarding single-engine trips to Hawaii…one of them I think was a Cherokee, another was a new Caravan being delivered to Taipei or something like that.

In honor of my 650th post, one of the Citation III’s based here 8)
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As much as I love the PA28 family, to think of flying it half way across the Pacific!! No Sir!

Can you say dead butt? I knew you could.

Really dead butt.
It is scheduled to depart PHNL and continue to Majuro in the Marshall Islands.

Absolutely! Just hook up a fuel trailer to tow behind you. :laughing: … /KSMX/PHNL

Apparently just a fuel stop, now on his way to the NGTA Republic of Kiribati, then probably on to Asia.

Being a trucker, I can say it very easily 8)

Funny, I was just going to ask the same question at the original poster.

I went to the air show at KSMX on Sat, and was checking the departures prior to the show, and found this long light flight was en-route.

Not familiar at all with that plane, but 12,000 feet, would have been fun…

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Well, if you figure that the airplane holds up to 380 gals. in the tanks, plus an 800 gal. hopper, plus 70 in the floats…That’s a lot of gas for a single engine airplane. In fact, I believe it’s more than a Citation V holds!

yeah, digging back in the memory banks, the Citation V holds 5880#, or thereabouts, 865 gallons or so.


862 gallons 5814# to be exact! (Got a recurrent coming up!)