Citation X's!

Iv’e been having fun the last few days watching Citation X flights(code# C750). These things are like time machines! check out :

Ground speeds exceeding mach 1 :open_mouth: These folks will have flown clear across the whole blessed country in probably less then four hours. Amazing.

well the CE-750 is the fastest non-military jet in production!!! I’ve talked with a couple pilots, and they said it will go faster than Mach 1

wishing we would upgrade to a X I’m stuck in a C680… Lol almost Mach 1

C680 is a very nice aircraft!!!

Yes it is a great aircraft, I love how it plants me in my seat every climb out always have overspeed notice at a 6000ft per min climb lol until after like 3 or 4 thousand foot.

My dad’s uncle flies a Citation X out of Modesto, California for Foster Farms. He really enjoys his job. Who wouldn’t love to be a corporate pilot for them. They operate 3 aircraft, the Citation X, a King Air 350, and a King Air 200. Pretty great, knowing that on any given day, you’d be flying one of those three airplanes. Too cool.

How’s a ground speed of 659 sound? :open_mouth:

Not as good as 671 that he got up to! Impresive yes, but you have to give some credit for a heck of a tailwind, probably jetstream.

Always fun to see a groundspeed past mach 1.
Thank you tail wind!

Watching this one today:

Very high west to east upper level winds at about 140 knts. Up to 1.12 mach grnd speed so far. Wow! Something else I noticed when looking at the flight plan…GIJ VORTAC close to South Bend, In. is named “GIPPER”. Nice to see that someone at the FAA has a sense of humor :slight_smile: