So ZA003 came to Sacramento yesterday...


And I got pics of her! :smiley:

In fact, she’s here all weekend. The local news just picked it up.

I love how their 'As Seen on KCRA link to the flight info for her comes right back to FA. :wink:

After this, she’s headed to KNYL, because apparently, KMHR, KIGM, KLAS, KVCV, and the Ford Proving Grounds are not hot enough. :question:



So I dropped off the guide dog to get groomed today, and decided to take another trip over to KMHR. Glad I did. I caught N787EX on her way out for a test flight (apparently weather related; they wanted to wait until the temperature broke 30C). Snapped a few more pics, took down the old set, and combined them all. Enjoy.



Great Pics!
One of the main objectives of ZA002 is propulsion testing. If you look at the tracks of most of their flights, they will go to over 40,000 ft take her up to 500 knts for a period of time, then drop to under 300 knts, back to 500, down to 300 and so on. The airspeed track looks like a yo-yo! The drop in airspeed is needed to keep from overheating the engines.
My son is on board as a flight test engineer :laughing:


That’s awesome, man! :wink: