Strange 727 flight KOPF/KVCV


Saw a flight that took place yesterday from KOPF to VCV. Tail Number was N901RF. Looked this bird up on and found that she’s been baking in the AZ sun for a few years. Last pic of her was in Feb 08 and she looked awful and had a punched in nose.

Did someone snatch it up and if so, who? N901RF is an old KittyHawk 722. Was just suprised to see this old great classic was rebuilt to flying status.



Oh btw, I’m the new guy and that was my first post. Anyways, I see I should have posted a link…and here it is…

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I see that flight routing IGM to OPF but I can’t find the OPF to VCV flight.

FYI: If you want to post the permanent link for particular flight, click on the date of the flight and then copy the URL: … /KIGM/KOPF


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Had VCV on the brain for some reason. It was just the IGM to OPF flight and the rest of the info I was asking remains the same. lol

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The FAA Registration shows UMI International, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware as the owner.

Umi International supplies protect grid, grid cassette, intensifying screen, collimator and slim view box. Our X-ray grid is used in interspacer & X-ray absorber. We are an ISO 9002 certified company. Our medicanvas uses TFT-LCD backlight technology.”


Well considering the shape this bird was in at KIGM I’m just glad to see it up and flying again hopefully with a future in front of it. Wish other 722’s had bright futures as well.

Great plane



There is an aircraft scrapping operation in OPF, I would imagine thats why its going there.