N32146 down 1B9



it is registered as under the name Plane Nonsense. It looks like they have quit a few AC. Does anybody know if this is a charter company or leasing agency?

it is based out of a nearby airport with several other trainers. i flew this plane just last week with no issues or red flags. weird.

Thanks for the response!

The news report said they we’re monitoring traffic. I wonder if there is more to the story.

the news report also calls it a cherokee when it’s a warrior. that is one of two warriors they use for traffic monitoring, not sure if it was being used for that at the time or not. i don’t want to comment too much as i’m merely a renter at the fbo, not a spokesperson, etc… but yeah, i took that plane up not 6 days ago and had a nice smooth flight. weird to see fire-fighters all around it now.

You never heard of a Cherokee Warrior? What do you call them in your part of the country?