No to ID with no tail numbers




Can you get close enough to get the serial number from the data plate?
Without getting shot that is.
With NO markings, not even military, it would not be legal to fly. Not to say it is not airworthy. Is it being painted and just pushed outside to make way for another aircraft?



LINK to thread discussing plane with nearly invisible tail number. Could be this plane, or perhaps a similar paint job…


Criteria and display of Tail number regs found at





“Need more data.” (what’s that a quote from?)

Where are you located?
Approximate times of flight?




Hmmm, dark, mountainous terrain and flying 300 AGL at however many knots a DC3 flies at and YOU can identify it as a DC3???

Call me suspicious…



In answer to Suspicious Al: Even on a dark night, it’s possible to make out an object flying overhead at low altitude. You may not be able to see details but you can see the profile of the aircraft. It will be a darker shape than the background. On a night with a bright moon, it would be easy to see the profile.

Tyap299 also said it flies at dusk. There’s more light at dusk, at least here in California and Tennessee. Don’t know about Mississippi.

Also, in this case, you could figure out that it was a DC-3 because:

  • The DC-3 has a distinct shape.
  • The DC-3 has a distinct sound.

Answering tvap299: Sounds like to me the DC-3 may be used for aeriel spraying of mosquitoes. They usually fly at night or early in the morning (dusk) because often the air is calmer and there are less people out.


Where did he say overhead???


Too cold for skeeters. I think it’s running moonshine! (no pun intended - really!)

Isn’t the quote supposed to be, “More INPUT”?


Maybe practice runs?

Couldn’t find the quote about Number 5 saying “More input” but did find where he said "Malfunction. Need input. "

Allen: By overhead, I mean in the sky, not on top of my head.


Think this one through…

At 300 AGL, unless it’s directly over the top your head, you just’a ain’t going to see it in the dark or even the dusk of the mountainous terrain to clearly identify a plane as a DC3 in the darker recesses of daylight or nightime. There just simply isn’t enough sky to contrast from.

And he describes the plane as dark green or black??? Gotta be some realism here as whatever cruise speed a DC3 JET flies at isn’t going to give you a whole lot of time to study the profile even in the flats of Mississippi at 300 AGL when trees would quickly block any view.

And the original poster sez between the mountains… which to me implies there is a considerable amout of distance between him and the plane.

Suspicious still stands…


Do you know what a DC-3 is? It’s not a jet. It’s a twin engine, piston powered (although some have been converted with turboprop engines) aircraft that flies at about 180 mph an hour, give or take.


Fair enough, didn’t know and as you can see, I didn’t look it up :smiley:

And yes, the noise could help you identify the beast, but I still stand by what I say, suspicious to be able to identify a plane when it’s flying 300 AGL at 180 knots in mountainous terrain.

There is not enough sky to see the profile and original poster again sez it was a dark green or black plane unless it’s DIRECTLY over your head.



I’m a bit suspicious myself. 300 ft is pretty low. Especially when its the same color as the sky, and depending on the plane it could be equipped with a selection of engines, with completely different sounds. I’m not saying it would be impossible to identify type, but you’d have to know planes pretty well and have multiple sightings and maybe even pictures to confirm.


Guess that’s the nearest thing to “You were right, David, and I was wrong” that I am going to get from Allen.

How anybody that is interested in aviation, be he an enthusiast or be he a pilot, not know what the DC-3 is and what it did for aviation is beyond me.

The DC-3 was the first aircraft that allowed airlines to make money by carrying only passengers. The DC-3, in military camouflage, was a key instrument in the Allies winning World War II.

The DC-3 first flew in 1935. Last December was its 72nd birthday. It’s still flying strong when all of the so-called DC-3 replacements such as the SAAB Scandia, Martin 404, and Convair 340/440 have all but disappeared from the sky.

Again, it amazes me that someone who is interested in aviation would not know about the DC-3.

Have to disagree here. The original poster said the aircraft was seen at night and at dusk. He didn’t indicate how much light pollution there was. If there was enough light pollution and/or if he was referring to its color when seen at dusk, I think he could see what color it was. Neither one of us was there so we cannot say what the poster saw or didn’t see.


Show me wheree I said you were wrong??? YOU WONT

Soooo, what makes your opinion any more right then mine since you disagree with me???


Every f****** time you say I am incorrect you are saying I am wrong. What is your problem, Allen? Really, the world wants to know what makes you tick. Who died and made you the greatest living person of knowledge in the world? Why don’t you like opinions of others? Why must you alwys get the last word?

Here’s what you said:

I say, suspicious to be able to identify a plane when it’s flying 300 AGL at 180 knots in mountainous terrain.

There is not enough sky to see the profile and original poster again sez it was a dark green or black plane unless it’s DIRECTLY over your head.

Where do you indicate that it is your opinion? By the word “say?” Then state it flat out that it’s your opinion.

Gee, no wonder our government so screwed up - look at the people we had/have working for it.


Highlighted words cover it… I never said the words incorrect or you were wrong…

You never address the issue direct at hand, so why should this be any different?

You just like to divert to something totally irrelevent. People reading this thread will see it for themselves.

But that’s ok, I play along for the ride and just will keep letting people know that your opinions are not based on facts.

Not a problem my friend. Lets take it to the banter thread as this does detract from the original thread at hand. You know the rules.