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Binner Enterprises LLcs Nazi N8416W, why the flight activity between 5.04pm-5.55pm missing? Check the time stamp on my Camera shot

Date 11/26/2019 at 5.12 (check the time stamp on my pic, posted (link below)

Tail No N8416W, a Piper-28-180 flying Over “Smith’s Store” (Charleston and Hulapai, Summerlin, Las Vegas) Parking Lot, 2 days before Thanksgiving Day!!. Generally, the Helicopters and Cessna activities are either dull or closed few days during thanksgiving, but the Nazi one’s continue to fly for (??), so I spotted this SOB flew over my car when I just came out of the store and getting into my car.

So, I looked the at logs to find who’s Cessna and activity logs…what I found is this:
Flight activities on Tuesday 26, 2019

26-Nov-2019 P28A North Las Vegas (KVGT) North Las Vegas (KVGT) 05:56PM PST 06:22PM PST 0:25
26-Nov-2019 P28A Near Las Vegas, NV North Las Vegas (KVGT) First seen 04:44PM PST 05:04PM PST 0:19
26-Nov-2019 Unknown North Las Vegas (KVGT) Near Las Vegas, NV 03:58PM PST 04:25PM PST 0:27
26-Nov-2019 P28A North Las Vegas (KVGT) North Las Vegas (KVGT) 01:40PM PST 02:33PM PST 0:52
26-Nov-2019 P28A North Las Vegas (KVGT) North Las Vegas (KVGT) 10:43AM PST 12:20PM PST 1:37

My camera captured this PS flying over me at Smith’s Parking lot at 17.12 (5.12), there were 5 flight trips on Tuesday, but there is no log for this flight that I captured?, 5 logs and 6th activity of the day is missing?, really?.. or what happened?

Thanks for your time and comment!!.

No idea. Maybe they are after you? And maybe they realize that you look for flight details on FA and so they turned off their transponder for the last flight :slight_smile:


I know what they are doing in Las Vegas, yes!.

But, as far Transponder, it was active, without transponder I could not have located this Cessnas identity, well I identified it via my camera shot!?..

it was not the last flight, the last one was at 5.55pm, my spotting was 5th of the 6 or who knows how many illegal flights they had that day?..

are you saying, if the transponder is turned off, that particular trip will not be shown on the Log activity???..

“Tracking data for this position-only flight is incomplete and potentially inaccurate.”; we often do not receive any flightplan data for GA flights (often because no flightplan exists, e.g. VFR flights) and so we track these flights based on position data only.

This aircraft does not appear to be ADS-B or Mode S equipped so we are relying on FAA-supplied radar data only.

For flights that were not tracked, there are three main possibilities:

  • the aircraft was outside (probably below, in this case) radar coverage
  • the FAA did not associate the radar data with the particular aircraft; this is common for VFR GA flights (the ATC systems would have been aware of the aircraft, but not necessarily which aircraft it was)
  • the aircraft was sufficiently low-and-slow that we didn’t consider it to be a “real” flight (e.g. for smaller aircraft, even a moderate headwind can reduce groundspeeds to the point where we’d ignore it)

tl;dr: it’s normal for coverage to be spotty for this type of aircraft; this is just a limitation of how we collect data.

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I see you keep throwing that “Nazi” epithet around - in the title and in the description. Does it make you feel good about yourself?
Comparing anything that happnes today with the actual Nazi atrocities is just de-valuating those atrocities. It’s sheer lack of respect for the victims.

This guy didn’t kill millions of people, at the worse he is flying with a defective transponder. That’s an administrative fine…


Why the “Nazi” word is used here!,
Las Vegas sky or aerial space is used both by private contract companies like Binner’s or 702 aviation or TMT and many more for mass scale surveillance, it happens rather not so in a obvious manner (so most people ignore?), most people think Oh it is just a tour helicopter or oh it is just a police helicopter or a news helicopter! and so on. People (general public) imagine (pretty poor sense of surroundings) and ignore the real activity that is unleashed since 2010, more so since 2013 in Vegas.
Then came the Drone training programe,:hot_face: it is not about drone training, but training myriads of drones and modified drone crafts for Drone Surveillance here in US sky as well as outside.
In all these ongoing regular spying or so called drone training Operations, the modus operandi is a chapter taken from “Nazi” books: that is Lights (flashing bright lights, focus lights and all sorts of it that can harm eyes), Noise (like sight and sound tactics), the noise absolutely similar to the Nazis (check the history of their activities), various types of it, including microwave, sonic wave type noises (similar to the ones targetted in American Embassy in Cuba and China?) beamed at targets…
…right this second at 9.47am, while I was typing a Cessna (military style) with obnoxious noise flew right across my window…

No transponder used, no tracking, take a look at the scnshot…!.
And they do this all day every day at certain hours and inbetween.

So, do not be mislead by a word according to your own taste and imagine that someone is thorwing words, certainly not throwing some words, it is based on real things happening about which most poeple are ignorant, those in power either ignore or act like they do not know such things going on?. The 702 aviation helicopters or Binners craft, fly several trips, some of them withuot transponders, off record, when they fly, at low alt over homes, cars and targeted individuals, they run this notorious noise and other things I quoted above, a Nazi style intimidation and threat using noise and lights, as well as flying right over the one’s they targt. Nazi does not only mean killing physically, but the nazis behavioral, emotional and mind game is even worst than killing and in Las Vegas and across America that is happening…So, learn something and figure out or keep imaging abuot the other person without a shred of idea or knowledge as to what is said and why!?.
I would have easily ignored your message and gone, but there are lots of you out there, you must pay attention and understand before coming to any meaningless conclusion.

There are about 15 flight schools (give or take) in your back yard.

And yes, there are entities in operation for various and more clandestine tasks all over the world, it’s nothing new. OBJ didn’t mention what should be the more obvious 4th reason some craft are not tracked via means known to the public… as it shouldn’t need to be spelled out. Outside of the regular conspiracy theories, most should have nothing to worry about.


Here again at 10.17am, another Nazi Cessna:hot_face: No departure or arrival, no tail no except BE35, it means simply nothing but the craft type?. No Registration, no data exist…and it is flying from some desert with no town or city or airport, when it flew over my place, the noise was absolutely horrible (again Nazi Noise)!.

… here again as I am typing this the third time, third different Nazi cessna at 10.35am?.. C182m check the scn shots
C182 flying in Australia, how did show up here in Vegas? Lol!, again the noise was Nazi noise!..3 in 30-40min, what would be the number for whole day??

Everything you said made some sense, but when I saw you breast beating with this sterotypic baseless assumption “conspiracy” theories, you lost it, lost the meaning of your message.
There is no such thing as conspiracy theory in a nationwide mass scale abuse of privacy, individual rights and respect to humans, when you run an Op smelling people’s ass using drones, helicopters, planes and so on, that is uncivilized barbaric behavior.
Hey, if someone has a problem about someone else, go find a Judge, get a order and do everything lawfully and meaningfully, not running drones and treating the whole society with herd mentality like animals…what would be left in America with this type of abuse will be a country that lost humanity and values but snooping around everyones back and backyards by criminals who call themselves protecting the country!?. what a BS!

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You need to chill with that epithet, it’s insulting to the actual history.
They have right to privacy too. You don’t own the sky above your property, if you don’t believe, sue them, see what a judge says.

Or better, take some meds… nobody cares enough about you to do aerial “surveillance”.

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Hmmmmm…it is clear now, who needs to “Chill”. I thought to educate you or provide some background, seems like I wasted my precious time!.. If I go deep into “Nazi” activities, you sure will not miss your meds!!.. do you know “Operation Paper clip”, it is not some fictitious novel or movie though, a real event that percolated all walks of life in America even today!!!..Lol!!
sure truth is difficult to process through! right!?

I am curious as to how one tells the difference between the sound of a nazi Cessna 182 and a non-nazi one? Perhaps it’s a Feiseler Storch in disguise…


Take that up with your data source (i.e. FR24). I don’t think you have a good grasp of the difference between what is actually transmitted by a transponder and what is metadata added afterwards (hint: aircraft type is not transmitted). What you are seeing is not what is transmitted. Please do some research.


Possibly even constructing his own covert receiver by following these instructions and find out what the transponder is actually transmitting even if they have requested secrecy.


Posting here on FlightAware is part of doing research too, may be someone who knows can answer or provide some info!..

You claim to be someone with the grasp of all things flying, so I posted two scn shots, it is recorded live, as well as eye witness to a flying craft, both C182 and BE35 flew over my place. No tail no on both, no callsign…!..

Why don’t you provide your grasp on these two?..No metadata during or after that flight, No Logs either!..

Sure, let me post some sound recordings later!!..got to dig them from trash loads of audios and videos…!..

Quote “Take that up with FR24”…

I am not here blaming FR24 or your site, merely trying to find out what is flying up there in the sky?, meaning what is Real, what is not, and what is not reported, and what kind of fake info is disseminated!!..

It could be some covert troll-hunting operation. If they happen to buzz your tower again with aforementioned sonic musings, perhaps post up some Skyaware data/tracking instead as it may help some here help you in your quest. You’re in the wrong place posting up FR24 data with angst seeking clarification.

Thanks Nitro,
Flightaware discussion is more active than other sites, and I am using all the sites too to discuss these issues!. The angst is not mine alone, lots of them out there, most of them do not talk or share their experience or abuses. …I may not be able to fix it, but sure I can expose it…!.

each site provides some relevant information, but one has to look into all the three tracking sites to get some basic info!..

tell me about the "skyaware data/tracking, how to obtain this data!?. Thx