Cessna Grand Caravan flying circles over Fayetteville NC

I have noticed a Cessna Grand Caravan flying circles over my house every day 7 days a week 12pm to 4pm. So I started looking trying to find some info. But flightaware doesn’t track this plane. But flightradar24.com dose. The plane shows up as C208. They fly the same flight plan every time. Any ideas? :smiley:

Ok flightaware dose track this plane. Here’s the tail #N302pw. I have found two more planes flying the same pattern over the NC SC border. Tail #N6147y and #N1259k.

Probably the Feds with a Stingray device.

I see them over NYC every once and a while. They stay up for many hours at a time.
I went out to look for one at 6500ft. It is not easy to find.

It’s show that N302pw is owned by Bravo wing equipment llc and their flying out of kfay. It could have something to do with fort bragg.

The dodgy holding company names can be a dead giveaway.

Jranderson777 mentioned this last year.
wired.com/2014/11/feds-mothe … ng-planes/

mighty3507 mentioned one that actually had DHS listed as the owner.

I have been listening to them with a scanner and around 3:30 4:00pm they call the tower and tell them “we’re done ready to return to KFAY”.

Yep its the police. Just heard em tracking a suspects cell phone in the same area as the plane.

It’s actually gonna be Federal Authorities,they have a ton of aircraft equipped with cameras and Sting Rays for what they need to get the job done.Lately it because of trump ICE,DHS,FBI,DOJ,USMS all have the capability,they have more aircraft,a couple of years ago a big news article came out with a few companies,little did they know,they missed about 100 companies and over 500 aircraft they can use.