Andrews AFB Tail #6714


Saw this land today at KLNS (Lancaster PA Airport) and it is now sitting out on the tarmac. Saw what looked like some VIP’s and assorted individuals getting out of it, while being met by Government issued SUV’s with some miliatry types getting out of it…

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get them… It is now parked at the FOB on the Tarmac.

Edit: As of 16:22 local time the jet is gone. It was a corporate looking jet, 12 passenger?.

Yes this is my first post as well. After reading through the threads I discovered that apparently military aircraft signatures don’t show up on the maps… So I have no way of proving what I saw unfortunately. I just saw it taxing to the FBO, and came back to get my camera and poof its no longer there…


Dang!!! That could have been the missing part of the whole puzzle!!!


166714 Cessna 560 Citation UC-35D 560-0679


Nice find!

#5 … otostream/ What is that on the front nose of that aircraft? Camera?


watch this kid 9042563808


Looks like a Marine Corp insignia just aft of the emergency exit…


“Um…anit-missle equipment,” according to one of the pilots I ran into at MEM.


Its the same thing that’s on all the c20s and c37s, id tell ya but id have to kill ya.


Missile detection sensors.


Its actually called LAIRCM. Sensors detect a missle and a lazer will prevent the missle from finding the aircrafts heat signature. Its available on civilian aircraft now as well. … cm-protest


The mysterious objects are missile warning detectors. They look to be AN/AAR-47 MAWS systems. It uses a detector on each quadrant. You’ll notice a detector on the tail that matches the one on the nose. There will be a matching pair on the other side of the aircraft.

They can be used to cue a DIRCM or LAIRCM style countermeasure system. I can’t see the turret that would be associated with those systems.