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You guys have any luck tracking MIL aircraft?

I setup some alerts for all kinds of aircraft types from a list of ICAO plane codes I found.

I regularly get alerts for C130 flights in and around Alaska, but not much else?

Thanks again

p.s. => I put in alerts for all kinds of MIL aircraft types, including a bunch of US, NATO, and European fighter planes. Even the U2. Do you guys ever actually see any of those being tracked?

If you talk about your local receiver, you should have an unfiltered view to the sky above you.
I have several types of military aircraft every day on my view.

But if you’re talking about FA itself, these aircraft are filtered out most of the time.

One example several days ago. Lots of F16 across the forest near Ramstein Air Base

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Ahh, that makes sense then, thx!!

For unfiltered military & other aircrafts, try Adsbexchange.com


China and Russia say “Thanks for sharing!” :innocent:


Thx! Now that I know what to look for I can def see some.

You really believe they need to rely on my data? They do have other sources :slight_smile:
If the US does not want to get tracked, they would simply turn the transponder off

The forest here is well known for training flights. also fuel trainings are shown there. I have F16, C17, C5, C130 and K35R at least once a week.

Yup I see training flights from WPAFB all the time. Trust me, if they don’t want to be tracked, you won’t be tracking them, but most of the time it’s just training and they want to be seen by the civi’s so they don’t get hit as much as the next guy LOL.

Just had two C130s head over at around 1200ft, both perfectly visible on my VRS server :slight_smile:

Here is something you don’t see everyday:


You didn’t follow this guide did you?


Not as good :slight_smile:

Nice! They fly more (only?) on that side of US.
PS: I lived too in Phoenix (Baseline Blvd) up to 2001, when I moved on the East coast.


NooB here. I don’t have a receiver yet, realize most mil flights are filtered, but sometimes look to see if they are tracked on FA. Found KNIFE39 from Los Alamitos (Naval Air Station / Joint Forces …). How are the IDs picked? Any idea what this flight is about?

These names are picked by the pilot/command individually.
I am close to the Ramstein Air Base in Germany and there are lots of military going around. Some names they use are funny or at least “interesting”.


are only a few of them they use.
You can see more in the screen i posted above three days ago


I live near training sites in the SE USA. Here, the flight name seems to be by plane type, and changes daily. Fortunately, they stay at lower altitudes and often in pairs. I saw similar flights while I was in the US Air Force. I even “owned” a C135R (highly modified military 707) for about 15 minutes while it was being transferred between organizations that could not transfer it directly. Being a Captain had some interesting moments.

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Don’t let IRS know about that “gift”, or you will be paying taxes on it. Even if you re-gifted it 15 minutes later, it might not be a “deductible” donation :money_mouth_face:

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It was an old bird, highly modified. We provided additional modification services to add tracking cameras to look out modified windows covering near field, telescopic view (100" F 5.4 tracking mirrors out left side, and assorted other optical instrumentation. Infrared cameras were quite useful. Later track missile intercept with a satellite. Interesting work. Heavy aircraft, needed every foot of 13,500 ft runway. Old engines got it up to 45,000 ft way before any ADS-B signals. Plane would sometimes fly at 45 degree slide slope while tracking satellites in orbit. Nerves of steel for the crew as they slide slipped down to about 20,000 feet in a short time while maintaining heading and angles to ensure good optical results. Interesting times.

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