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Air Force One ADS-B

Yes, I know Flightaware doe not track military aircraft.

I have my own setup here at my house. And am a feeder to Flightaware. And I use planeplotter as well.

I used to be able to track Air Force One. Using the code AF1 in the filter area.

Recently the President did a speech in the area.
And for some reason my alerts did not go off.

Yes, I know FA does not track military aircraft. I use my own hardware here, and I do see military aircraft. But for some reason I wasn’t able to see Air Force One.

I have not changed anything on my setup.

I know others have asked similar questions, but they were directed at the FA website.
My question is for us ADS-B users.


Maybe they turned off the transponder. Then you will also not get it unfiltered

Recently no longer using the callsign AF1 on ADS-B.
Also might only be on MLAT instead of ADS-B recently, not sure.

In certain cases a plane can fly under a waiver from ADS-B requirements.
And more, in my area I can’t see mission military aircrafts (and there are lots of them), only training flights. They might use military mode 5 encrypted.

I see this from time to time. Sometimes US Air Force helicopters are passing my receiver very close on their way to/from Wiesbaden Air Field

But some times they are visible or not on my screen, like this one, just minutes ago:

Try also feeding ADSBexchange - when you click on the U button it filters the aircraft down to military only …

Rude, self praising… See certain Reddit comments about FlightAware.
I would not recommend feeding them any data.

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Here’s AirForce 1 (82-8000), the backup (92-9000), and Melania (EXEC1F) flying out of Andrews AFB as shown on ADSBExchange (Also shows on my feeder the same). Note no “AF1” on 82-8000. MLAT only. Do not see it on FA or FR24. Listed as “BLOCKED” on RB24. So if it’s not transmitting AF1 don’t believe that would set off an alert?? More knowledgeable persons could confirm or deny!

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I also like to feed ADSBexchange in addition to FA because ADSBx will show ground traffic as planes taxi to takeoff or after landing (if the airport has a nearby ADS-B receiver).

One of my receivers is close to a small airport but not far from a Naval Air Base so I see training flights during the week and then civilian aircraft in and out of the small airport on the weekends.

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