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Air Force One ADS-B

Recently…not sure why but they have been flying under “NA” rather than AF1
If you want to track military

You have to match his schedule for day and just watch at that time to track it

You should check out

Do FlightAware block some data from AF1 it was over the UK last night whilst showing on the sky view map it couldn’t plot onto VRS as the speed and heading wouldn’t plot on skyview. VRS is linked up to show MLAT data.

It’s shown in grey so “other” data. I assume that’s the reason for not having it in VRS

I take it, it’s not possible to get ‘other data’ to show on VRS?

They are likely blocking MLAT results.
Not sure how VRS handles aircraft without position.

I second the recommendation to feed adsbexchange in addition to FA, because they do not block aircraft. Also, I filter on ICAO instead of call sign and often see AF1. There are two aircraft that can serve as AF1 so put both ICAO codes in your filter