Military aircraft


I was wondering does flightaware display any type of military aircraft?
I live close to MTC and I dont see any activity on flightaware.

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Can I track military aircraft? What about presidential movements in Air Force One?

FlightAware does not track military aircraft and presidential movement flights (e.g., Air Force One, Marine One, etc.) are operated by the US military.


OK ,


Unless it’s deliberately been disabled, any Belgian AF flights in the US will show on the tracker, same for Mexican AF and Brazilian AF (BRS).



so mainly it dosnt show US AF



We have seen a few US military flights (flying under an airline code); ICE21 comes to mind.


There’s also “Canadian Regional” flights out of SPS flying T-37’s. For an example, check out It’s actually a training flight but the prefix the USAF picked happened to be the same as the 3 letter airline code for Canadian Regional.


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