Tracking Any Type of Flight

Hello everyone, I just found this website and i must say its awsome, i was wondering tho if there is a way to track military flights to an airport? or if not that is there any way to find out what flightplans are being made for a certain airport whether it be for military planes or civilian ones theres got to be some way a pilot could say if he wanted to go to Meacham Field in Ft Worth Tx can he look up that airport and look at other flights coming into the airport to see if it is going to be too crowded there so he could choose another airport. Or say i want to look up whats coming into Alliance Airport in Ft Worth and see what is scheduled to come in on that day no matter what type of plane it is. Is there a site for this? Thanks alot for any help.

Welcome to Flightaware! Many questions are answered in the FAQ section,

FlightAware does not track military aircraft and presidential movement flights (e.g., Air Force One, Marine One, etc.) are operated by the US military.

Occaisonally military flights show up, including forgein country’s military including presidential movements.

Also, to view flightplans, you click on an aircraft’s N number e.g. N6JL and the route shows up. (

Any filed flightplan shows up on Flightaware on an airport’s page. So you can look at enroute and schedueled flights inbound to see how busy an airport is. There also is alot VFR aircraft without flightplans, but Flightaware does not track all of them. Happy tracking! :slight_smile:

However, be aware that many, if not most, of the military flights that show up are false positives. They are showing up because they coincidentally have the same three letter code as a civilian operator or the flight id was entered incorrectly by the FAA.

Did you take your meds between your first ever post on this site and this one?

Just curious.

So lets say there is a flight of T-38s coming from Laughlin AFB to Alliance airport will those flight plans show up on the list of flight coming into that airport on this site? thats what im looking for a site that will show all flights scheduled for that day cause it would be awsome to know an hour beforehand if say a C-5 galaxy were coming in then you could go out to the airport and photograph it landing there. If anyone knows of a site that can do this please let me know, thanks alot…

Military flight plans are not made public so you are most likely out of luck there.

We see C-5’s all the time since there are some based here at the Air Guard in Memphis. My house is almost in line with 36R and I’m about 4 miles out so I get some good looks at them. Hard to imagime something so big could fly so slow and graceful on approach. They sure are loud.