Tracking vintage/ex-military planes

I was looking at the departures and arrivals at Easterwood Airport (KCLL) in College Station, TX trying to track down a gorgeous P-51 I saw today. Are these flights logged and will the aircraft type be displayed? Apologies if this has already been asked.

You can track these flight if they fly IFR.

HURI - Hawker Huricaine … /CYND/CYND

SPIT - Supermarine Spitfire … /CYND/CYND

These are just two examples.

I have seen TBM’s ( Avenger’s ) and many T-6’s ( Harvard or Texan ) on FA for example. So find the airport they fly out of, get aquainted with the type designation and track away. Keep in mind that FA only tracks flights that are IFR, so if the warbird is out flying VFR, than it will not show up here.

Use this link to see what is being tracked at any given time. You may find some surprises here.

Very cool! Appreciate it!

Great link!

I’m ashamed I never saw the “view all” link on the home page. :blush:

Indeed. Very surprising that a Lisunov Li-2 is flying above the US as I write this. :open_mouth: (It isn’t of course, just a DC-3). And WTF is a Grumman Academe ? (Gulfstream 1 actually). Gotta love that FAA database :unamused:

If you actually look at the aircraft decoding in the FAA contractions publication, you will see that all names of the aircraft are mentioned. There’s only just so much room that can be used to display this data on FlightAware.

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I believe the ’ type ’ notation we find here is what was filed in the flightplan and submitted to the FAA / NAV Canada. Sometimes the ’ type " is incorrect or simply not filled in.

Domestic flights filed through Gander Center sometimes show up as XXXX.

The Li-2 was flying in Alaska the past few days. If the type notation is correct, I’m sure that plane has an interesting history. The Russians produces a version of the C-47 as well as receiving hundreds as lend-lease.

While the aircraft type code comes straight from the FAA, there are often a half dozen (if not more) options for the make and model. If you see one where the default make/model is not the most common use of that type code, either post here or drop me an email.

Will do!

A quick perusal down the bottom (low numbers) of the current list:
S61 - Sikorsky, not Westland,
G159 - Grumman Gulfstream 1, not Academe,
C180 - Cessna 180, not U-17C,
C195 - Cessna 195, not LC-126,
DC6 - Douglas DC-6, not VC-118,
H25A - Hawker HS125A, not VU-93,
and last but not least
C130 - Lockheed Hercules, not Rockwell Spectre :open_mouth:

and I don’t know how N18218 got filed as a Fairchild C-82 (it’s a Cessna 182); that’s probably a typo though for C182.