stupid question


i dont know if this is a good question or not. What about the ability to track air forces flights like the RCAF or the JASDF etc…i know that there might be some reasons not to i think this would be cool…

obviously i could do it tracking it by flight tail number but im wondering if i could search it on the airline traker area…so i could see where the nearest c-130 is flying to me etc…

now i just found a listing of the CAF on the airline list but theres no RCAF or Royal Canadian Navy…any idea if one of those could be added


With some occasional exceptions, military aircraft are not normally tracked on this or any other website for reasons that should be readily apparent.

I’m fairly certain that if you were to check, the listing for “CAF” that you found is for the Commemorative Air Force.

(PS: There are no stupid questions.)


Sometimes you see them when the flight identifiers they’re using collide with commercial airlines that have been unfiltered into our feed from the FAA.

ICE9, ICE19, ICE29, ICE39, etc were F16, FA18, and A10 flights for a while.

JAF1 sure doesn’t look like a little airline out of Belgium.
Similarly MAF1.