Hello My name is Kaarlo. I have a question. When I am listening to my radio and I hear for instance, a Can Force plane call up on one of the ATC freq’s such as: 134.425 (which is the Sault Sector). Flying at a good high altitude. After I hear it, and I get it’s call number. I come on to this site and under Airline Name I type in Can Force and then click on the Canadian Armed Forces Name, then I type in the number that I heard. After I do that, on the next page it tells me that it couldn’t find that flight yet. Even though I just heard it on the radio. Is there a reason why it’s not showing anything for that type of flight. Even though, you can check for those Can Force flights on this site. Any help would be appreciated, because I would like to know, so when the Herc comes here into town, where I live, again, I can hopefully track it, and any other Can Force flights I hear. Thanks.



See the following links to the FAQ:

Can I track military aircraft?

How does FlightAware handle international flights?

Also, there’s a lot of other answers to Frequently Asked Questions here. You can follow the link at the top of every page in FlightAware.


It’s Kaarlo again. If for this site it says it doesn’t track any Can Force flights or anything like that. How come then, under Airline Name at the top of the page, when you type in Can Force, it will bring up a result of Canadian Forces, that you can click on. So if you can’t track anything like that, then why would that be there. Because when I saw that there, I thought that I can find that flight. So just let me know what that means then, for why that would be there if you can’t track those kind of flights. Thanks.



We don’t have a list of operators that we cannot track, so we list every operator that we have a name & prefix for.