Civil Air Patrol Flights

Is there any reason why an IFR Civil Air Patrol flight does not show up anywhere? I’m searching by Flight ID (CPF followed by the flight number, which is the FAA designator) or by searching for departure airport.

I know the flight is in the FAA system - the flight just recieved his clearance.

Thanks for any responses.

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Did you try searching by origin/destination?

Tried that also - no joy.

Can you provide us with any specific information about the flight so that we can help you?

Sure: CPF3528 KPWA-KMKC departed KPWA around 1615Z.


Has anyone been able to resolve this topic?


Are you sure it was an IFR flight?

Most CAP flights are VFR, even though many fly with VFR Flightplans and VFR Flight Following.

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Positive - I was the Release Officer for the flight.

Isn’t CAP par tof the Airforce??? Maybe it’s considered a blocked military flight.

CAP is the auxilliary of USAF, but the aircraft are owned and operated by CAP, which is a corporation.

Maybe they are blocked though.

After 911 certain CAP missions are more highly classified. Homeland Securty !

Very little of what we do would be considered “sensitive” (I don’t believe anything we do is officially considered “classified”). In the case of the flight I was asking about, there was nothing about it that would be considered a security issue. Although, since we do perform some sensitive missions (both HLS related and otherwise), you may be right and all CAP flights may be blocked.

I’ve kind of been hoping that FlightAware staff might have an answer on this thread?


A few people have asked about this before, and all we can say is that we’ve never seen any information about a CAP flight; they’re probably being blocked at the FAA level.

All CAP Flights are blocked if the flight plan uses the CPF number. If you were to file using the tail number it would show up but you are not supposed to do that in CAP.

All CAP Flights are considered Military.

I am HLS Chief for FLWG HLS

Thank you for the answer - I wasn’t sure if that was the case or not.

OKWG - we always use the CPF callsigns per SOP.

BTW, I understand you’re picking up two of our aircraft - enjoy them, they’re good ones.