Civil Air Patrol


How can I track my Civil Air Patrol flights? The identiifer is CPFxxxx (e.g. CPF3528). I don’t see any of our flights up there, and I was on an IFR flight plan as recently as last night. BTW, cool site.


We’ve tracked a number of Civil Air Patrol flights (like CPF438), so they should be in the system. Where did you fly from and to?


The last was TUL-TIK and TIK-TUL in CPF3528. We’ve had a lot of flights, though, that are IFR that I don’t see in the history. Considering TIK is a military installation, that may have an effect, however in October I had several flights in CPF3531 TUL-BTR and visa-versa. The Oklahoma fleet consists of CPF3523 through CPF3532. Whenever I type in any of our a/c under “Flight Identification or Tail Number” it says that it isn’t in the system…yet.


I checked the database and we don’t have any flights between KTUL and KTIK in December. Since you were on a CAP flight perhaps you were tagged as military, and thus we don’t get any information about your flight.