Civil Air Patrol


Why won’t the system show Civil Air Patrol Flights? They are input into the system as CPFXXXX. It seems it recognizes CAP but won’t show any data.


We do show CAP flights. Here are some flight numbers from the last couple days:


Is the CAP a good place to start flight training?


I believe many, if not most, of the CAP flights are VFR so they won’t show up.


Yes if you’re a cadet. not sure what the situation is nowadays WRT adult (senior) members.

I got all of my flight training compliments of the CAP back in the early 60s for remarkably little money but an enormous commitment in time. Flight training and flights were “earned” in that you received training and flights as a reward for passing tests and/or earning advancement in rank.


Cadets can use the aircraft for primary instruction however CAP officers (those who join over age 18) cannot use the aircraft for a private or lesser certificate. They can however after meeting certain requirements use the aircraft for instrument/commercial etc… In regards to the tracking CPF 2275 which was very much IFR yesterday I can’t seem to find. Any clues?


I was looking into them because I want to learn to fly any way possible.


We haven’t seen anything about it. Either it was handled by local controllers and never made it up to the national system, or it was blocked before it got to us (I think some other users have reported the Air Force doing that).