Canforce Flight info on F.A.

I often hear Canforce Flights in the YYZ control area (using VHF radio recvr), but note that they do not appear on Flight Aware.

I suspect on G.A. and Commercial flights ONLY are shown? I dont think I have ever seen Medivac Helicopter flights shown either- and I get many overflights, so know when they are up there.

Can anyone confirm this info, and/or recommend a good spotting site where Canforce or US Military flights are logged? I havn’t found much using a web search- especially for Canforce. Any Canadian military spotters, pls let me know.

30 April 2010 @ 09:30 EDT- heard Canforce 3258 aprch to YYZ. Is this a flight number used or do military callsigns ever refer to tail number?

I am between YYZ and YSO and near B. Bordon, but I dont think many flights use that field anymore.


FlightAware only tracks stuff that has a flight plan.

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You can’t track the Canadian Air Force… Check the FAQ above…

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