Airport in MI, not Canada


An airport in MI comes up as in Canada when you file to it.

Airport is Y70 (Ionia) … /KMKG/CY70


That’s a problem with whatever pilot filed it, or whatever FSS put it in the system. Flightaware just shows what was filed, it makes no assumptions. Flightaware probably doesn’t recognise Y70, but it would still show “Y70”, with no airport name or city/state. It would not place a “C” in there for no reason.


Y70 is in Ionia, not Livonia. It’s a major soaring site in the mitten.

I find it amusing that it comes up as being in CA, perhaps the local county officials sold it to them on eBay to decrease local taxes? :wink:


It says nothing about CA. You sure you saw correctly?


Except when you type Y70 into the airport code field, it still returns it as CY70 with no info available.


Yep. When you put Y70 in the Airport Code field and hit enter, it comes back as CY70 with the leading “C” added automatically. Same thing happens if you enter the code as KY70.


Must be a flightaware programing thing.

If I type in YUL, FA will bring me to CYUL, plus insert the 'C" for me.

*Most *Canadian airports are C’Y’XX


Plus a smattering of ones that begin with CZ


Many of those CZXX airports are gravel / dirt strips.

Been on a few of those.


Didn’t say they were major airports or even airports with hard runways. Just wanted to point out that the statement “all Canadian airports are CYxx” is incorrect.


Now now Dami, nor did I. I was just making an observation on personal experience. I did make a blanket statement about CYXX’s and thanks for the addition about the CZXX"s. Oversite / oversymplification on my part.

Most of what we track here at FA flies into a CYxx airfacility.


All Canadian airports strart with a C. Many minor airports, airfields or helipads in Canada have alphanumeric codes, such as CSZ4 or CBE7 (AKA SZ4 or BE7).

Some airports have had their code changed from an alphanumeric code to a Y-XX code had to meet certain criteria, such as having a weather station, affluence, runway length, instrument approach or simply political influence.

Remember, some 3 letter codes starting with Y are not in Canada, such as: YUM: YUMA, ARIZONA and YEC: YECHON, KOREA so the number of 3 letter combinations starting with Y is reaching its limit. That’s when the Z comes in. Most airports with a Z (or CZ) have been named that way in the past few years.


Here’s another one: … /CY04/KPTK

Y04 is in Traverse City, MI


New airport that is not in the FA database: