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Hello. This is Kaarlo. I have a question for anyone to answer. On this site, on the page where you get to view a list of airborn aircraft by type (EX: PC12). When you type that in, it will bring up a list of all PC12’s that are or will be flying anywhere (Canada or USA). So the other day, on a different website where I check the “PIREPS”, it showed a C-130 Hercules over London Ontario (CYXU), so that means it was airborn. I checked back on here for that type of aircraft (C130), and it never showed a C-130 airborn for Ontario. All it showed (like it does when I check for this type of aircraft) is other C130’s flying in the USA (somewhere there), and around Yellowknife to. So I was just wondering why it would show other C130’s flying elsewhere, but never one for around here (in Ontario), after it showed there was one airborn, according to the PIREP that I just read at that time. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks. I will be waiting for replie(s) to this question.

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The C130 near CYXU may have landed before you pulled up the website, been flying VFR, been blocked (most military flights are), or something funny happened with Nav Canada.


Hello again. No that C130 over London didn’t land, as far as I know. You said that most military flights are blocked. Then if they are, why would it show other C130’s flying or going to be flying. I just checked for the C130 a few minutes ago and it shows one going to be or is flying now in the USA. And is there a way you can unblock this, so I can track the Herc (C130) when there is one flying in Ontario. I will be waiting for replie(s) from anyone to my questions that I just asked in this post. Thanks again.

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FA is not the one that blocks info on CA military aircraft, the CA government does.

Just because you can see some C-130s flying in the US doesn’t necessarily mean you can sell ALL C-130s and it certainly doesn’t mean you can automatically see CA military aircraft.




Sometimes military flights fly under an oddball callsign (like an N number or some random airline) and not get blocked; ICE21 is one of the most common examples, used by F18, F16, and A10 aircraft. In the last couple days we’ve seen C130s flying under the following callsigns: LYC402, LYC101, LYC201, N3867X, FAB709, FAB703. The latter two were flying in Canada.

Military flights are blocked at the FAA level, so we have no way to unblock them.


Hello again. This is for mduell. OK, I didn’t know that you had no control over the blocking and unblocking of certain aircrafts such as the C130. Also you said there were a couple of them flying in Canada. Out of the callsigns that you gave me. Which ones were the ones that you seen flying in Canada the last past couple of days. And so that means I will only be able to see those C130’s flying elsewhere (like somewhere else in Canada & the USA) and not the one(s) in Ontario, that I would want to see on here. I will be waiting for replie(s) from anyone to my questions that I just asked in this post. Thanks again for your help.

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