Unable to find certain Charter Companies on Airline Name

Hello I’m having trouble to find Airco Charters out of Edmonton on any search or even history of flights. Even putting their flight and tail number doesn’t show up.Can someone help here.


I used JP Airline Fleets International 2005/06 to see what aircraft Airco operates. They don’t have a 2-letter or 3-letter code. I found only one aircraft with any history: C-GZNB PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain. This was for 3 flights on 29/30 Nov 05.

I did not find any history for the other aircraft listed in JP:

C-GBMI PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain
C-FWPG Beechcraft King Air 100
C-FWYF Beechcraft King Air 100
C-FWYN Beechcraft King Air 100
C-FWYO Beechcraft King Air 100
C-FTOW Beechcraft 1900D

It could be that they either flew VFR or were never near enough the USA border to be controlled by the FAA.

Well I know that they run a couple of the aircraft under AR189(CFWYF), AR147(CFWYN), AR167 (CFWPG) is just a couple. I don’t think it matters much about how close they are to the US border cause I can find Little Red Air Service aircraft under the airline name and they run in north Alberta for the most part. Plus Airco runs the aircraft mostly allways under IFR. They don’t even show them coming into the YEG when they are under IFR.


Can you double check the flight numbers? “AR” is the two-letter code used by Aerolineas Argentinas (three-letter code is “ARG.”)

Reason I mentioned the USA is that the data FlightAware uses is from the FAA. I have seen flights that do operate entirely within Canada, though.

Yea pretty sure that its AR147 and AR167.

Also I can’t find the company even with spelling “Airco”, says it does not match to anything.

It’s weird. Anyone else have any suggestions???

It may be that Airco is using the AR internally and not with the FAA. Instead, they are using their aircraft registration on flight plans.

Even if you put their own registration on the board you can’t find the aircraft.