Bug with 3 Character ID's that Begin with "Y"

The program automatically appends a “C” in front of any airport with a 3 character identifier begionning with “Y”. Even if I enter the airport as KYxx, the program converts it to CYxx. How does one get around this, as it affects my home base (Y47, Oakland-Southwest). I know we’re close to Canada where many 3 letter airports begin with “Y”, but we are in the US.

Sorry, according to FlightAware, you live in Canada.

Just kidding, this is a known issue that only affects a few airports. I apologize for the inconvenience and we’re looking into this.

Any update on when the fix for this will be implemented?

Was the bug affecting 3 character US airports that begin with “Y” (i.e. Y47 - Oakland Southwest - New Hudson, MI) ever fixed? You are correct, we are so close to Canada that we could be called Canadian.

I’m sorry, but our country is overbooked. If you would like, you can take another country at no extra cost, and we will give you a complimentary Arctic island for your inconvinence. :wink:

Just noticed when trying to track my flight today into Y47 that it wasn’t working. Like a good discussion user :wink: figured I’d search for the problem first. I see it’s a known bug, just reported Dec 2, so no problem… I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon… then I see it’s December of 2005!

Any ETA on a fix?

Absolutely AMAZING!!! :open_mouth:
You’ll make friends around here fast!

Details, details…