US airports with identifier starting with 'Y'

One of the ongoing problems with Flightaware is that it assumes a Canadian airport if the identifier starts with ‘Y’. It is frustrating since several airports (Y65, Y93, Y95, etc) cannot be entered and tracked by airport code as they get changed to CYxx and then a message that they cannot be found. Even if you prefix with ‘K’ (i.e. KY65) Flightaware changes it to CY65. When using the ‘Don’t know the airport code’ and entering, for example, “Hillman” it returns the proper id (KY95) which promptly gets changed to CY95 and then treated as an unknown airport code. Any chance on getting this fixed?

(PS. I’ve noticed that Y47 now works but the others still do not.)

This is a problem FlightAware knows about. They are working to find a solution for it.

We’ve been fixing them (domestic Ynumbernumber airports) in the past on a one-off basis. Over the next couple hours all of them should work on the site.