problem with airport identifier


Who do I need to contact to get our new airport identifier into FlightAware’s database? This is a great site but I can’t monitor my own airport right now because the database only recognizes the old identifier, which of course is not being used on inbound or outbound traffic.


And othe people who are in charge of the database cannot help you because you forgot one little detail: The name and old identifier of the airport.


Actually, I was trying to find out who I needed to contact, so I didn’t bother with giving the new identifier AGAIN as I had in an earlier post ( without reply.)

Since you seem to know who is in charge of editing that database, let me give the information again:

8S5 has been changed to KLRO.

And the name of the airport has been changed since my first post, from East Cooper Airport to Mt. Pleasant Regional Airport.



No, I don’t know the actual person but as one who has worked in tech support, I tend to look at questions and see what information was left out that would help solve the problem.


I e-mailed the support dept about the change, we’ll see if that works.


OF COURSE! As soon as I read your post, I realized that was such a logical answer and I missed it completely. Thanks for your help!


By the way KLRO is where I do my flight training,