Airport ID


My home airport has changed it’s id from 1S0 to PLU is there a way flightaware can update the ID nothing showes with 1S0 and PLU or KPLU is not valid. I sent info to flightware got an email back said a rep would get back to me it has been 4 weeks, just wondering?


I’m wondering when all the airports in the US that start with “Y’s” will be fixed so they don’t show up as Canadian airports.

Example: … /KBTL/CY72


I would officially like to make a motion to create a sticky thread entitled “Airport ID Issues” in order to keep these redundant threads from being started. Furthermore, when airport ID info is updated and is correct/available, a member of the FA staff posts within the original post when the issue has been corrected.

All in favor?


Sounds good to me.




We’re working on a big update and we’re not going to make one-off corrections until then. Please stop posting over and over about the same airport code.


AMEN! (the **bold **is mine!)


I’ll take that as an “Aye with friendly amendment of noting when large updates have happened”.

Since mduell has officially spoken :smiley: , I would say this will now go to the FA gurus for final approval…


Hollister, CA recently changed airport ID

Old: 3o7 (3 oscar 7)



We’ve just pushed out an updated airport database to the live site, and airports such as 5B6, KVKX, and KCVH should be working now.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience. I know this update was important to many users.


Under the listing of Flight Aware Terminal Areas, ZMA.
Tamiami Airport is KTMB rather than KTMP.

Hooked on FA.