Airport ID's


I have an ID of Y23 that shows on the maps, but cannot pull up for activity or information. This is not a new ID, nor is it a VFR airport. How can I get this in the system? :question:


I’m sure Mark will get right on it as soon as he gets up.



Should work in a couple hours.


Still doesn’t work as of 6:50 am CDT on 9/6 :frowning:


Just for kicks, I tried it, and didn’t even get a map. Just the “unknown or invalid airport code” page. I also noticed that it redirected me to “CY23”. Is this an airport in Canada?


That’s odd; someone will look at it Monday.


Should be fixed in about 2 hours.


While searching for a new airport’s ident, I clicked on “don’t know the airport code” and typed in Kalispell. Glacier Park Int’l came up as an option. However, it showed the old ident (KFCA) which was changed years ago. IIRC, FCA is still the IATA ident (as well as the VOR), and the airlines still use it for reservations/tags etc… So then I clicked on that, and the KGPI page came up (looked like a re-direct), which is the correct ICAO ident.