CYVR gone blank???

Flight acivity map of CYVR has gone blank. Flights “disapperaed” as they approach from the south near and north of the Canada/US border. Any fix soon?

FA can track flights through Canada but its not guaranteed.

They’re obviously being sucked up by the UFOs up there on the border.

It used to work fine with most major Canadian airports including CYVR. Some features did not work but the map part always worked. May be somebody from FlightAware can respond.

Flights between Alaska and Washington state also gone blank. I assume these flights are under FAA control.

This would depend on the route taken. If the flight flies over Canadian airspace then Nav Canada would handle the flight.

Flights between SEA and ANC, such as ASA123 appear fine to me. Please be more specific if you’re seeing problems.

I can’t comment on a specific flight. I knew there are lots of overflight at CYVR but now area around CYVR has gone blank on the map. Maps for other Canadian airports such as YUL, YYZ, YWG, YYC and etc are OK (still showing flights), only CYVR has gone blank!

Any fix? Thanks.

If they’re not appearing on the activity map, it just means we don’t have the radar data.

Glad to know somebody is at the switch on Sunday.

I and many others from the CYVR area would appreciate a fix soon.


For FlightAware Staff:

Can you be the catalyst to get the Canadian data re-established into your track activity in the CYVR area of responsibility? Or do I have to send an encouraging e-mail to NAV CANADA?

Thanks, FlgihtAware

Activity at CYVR map is back