FlightAware down?

FlightAware down?

Most current tracking data is from last night around 2200 eastern Monday Feb-04 - maps blank too.

Now Feb-05 0800 eastern…

Agreed…looks like a major outage.

Appears to have gone down just before 10PM EST.

All sorts of interesting things have been happening. First noticed the blank airport maps, have been missing plane icons on single-flight maps intermittently, and now the specialty maps also down (they lasted longer (i.e., individual airlines, plane-types, etc.). Hope it’s nothing serious (or are we gearing up for an upgrade? (You know, the old little boy and the roomful of pony-poop syndrome!) Jan / CID

We’re working on it.

Came back around 11 a.m. local. Still no tracks in some individual maps (UPS2071, UAL441 blank, for instance), most of rest look normal, however. -Jan

Yes – we believe we have virtually everything back to normal as of 10:20am CST. Individual real time flight maps may be unreliable for a few hours, but they will be corrected throughout the day. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for the usual stellar service!


Ditto… Thanks!