feed down?


I tried to bring up the DFW map/screen of flights in progress, and it was blank

anyone else having problems?


EWR map is not up either.


All of the map servers are down. We’re working on it.


Starting to reappear…


One of the map servers is now online. Reply here if you have any more problems with maps tonight.


Do you guys ever sleep? Seems like no matter what time of day it is, you are working on the system!

I, for one, appreciate the hard work all of you are putting in on FlightAware.


I think that you guys do a great job . I love this program.It helps me alot and i couldn’t live without it. :laughing:


Thanks for the support, everyone. We had a significant portion of the infrastructure offline for maintenance yesterday evening when an unrelated glitch affected the portion that was serving the FlightAware.com web site. No data was lost, but the normal redundancy was offline and we had some trouble serving map rqeuests. Regardless, we (relatively quickly) restored service and the whole infrastructure is back online.


thanks for the hard work, this is an AWESOME service