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UK servers off line?

Just checked my Flightaware stats and saw that all 3 of my feeders have been off line for 6 hours. I also checked a few of my local feeders and they are all off too. However, abcd567 and others in Canada are OK.

[Edit] I just checked 5 minutes later and all seems to be OK

Yep I saw the same thing - no data from ~11am to 3pm. Things seem to have been restored now. @5pm

Something ingesting I noticed after I got the link back and looking at the stats page a few feeders continued to work during the outage unlike @g7pnu, @triggers and my feeder.

Could it be down to ISP links or DNS choice that kept them feeding through the 4hour outage?

Happened here in the states as well.

Networking issues on FA side with their provider. Discussed since this morning already


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