Flight tracking vs Acft not available for public tracking

The flight alerts are great, but many acfts are not available for public tracking. The problem is that there is only 1 way to check for that:
-Go and search the acft on the searchbox. This might soiund simple but it is an extra layer or workload.

Can’t the system show me an acft is not trackable just by typing the tail on the alert booking form?

Thank you!

Adonis Bastos +55 11 99315 6514

Check laddlist.com for a list of a/c which have filed a request with the FAA not to be tracked. You can’t see them in FlightAware because they get a data feed from the FAA and have to agree not to track those flights. If you run your own ADSB receiver you can see them if they are near you. Also a flight tracking site that does not get an FAA feed can show them. There are a few such sites. Google is your friend! Try searching for something like “unrestricted aircraft tracking” or similar. Those sites will not have info that FlightAware gets from the FAA though.

nice - this is good info, sir.
thank you so much