Spotted in Flight but No Tracking


I have several pilot friends for whom I have created tracking alerts for their aircraft registration. Most are VFR so I receive the email “spotted in flight” as they are ADS-B equipped, and I can see their flight path in flight tracking; works for my plane as well.

I have one friend (N961M) for whom I receive the same spotted in flight notification but no current flight path, most recent tracking says he landed over a month ago when his flight was yesterday. He recently installed ADS-B in/out equipment and wanted to verify I could see his flights but cannot.

Is this perhaps a setting on FlightAware that he needs to enable flight tracking? I don’t find any such setting… Maybe something he set on his FAA registration paperwork?? What may have changed in the last month or so that would prevent FlightAware from having flight tracking data for him? He’s a very frequent flier.


It looks like N961M is showing up fine. There just appears to be limited receiver coverage in the area. It’s been picked several times this month. Do you have “Show position-only flights” enabled on your FA account?


Since I asked the question thought I’d followup on my findings. I looked again and still did not see any flights since 10/5/17 but I did pay attention this time to a message below the map, indicating there were more flights that I could see once I logged in. Logged in and sure enough, there are more flights. And an indication “This flight is restricted from public view”

I looked in my account and don’t see an option to restrict view, perhaps I missed it or the restriction came from somewhere else?

Anyway, mystery solved on visibility. What threw me was every other notification I’d received was visible on my phone without logging in.